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FowlmereFUNdraisers Winter Noticeboard

Dates for your diary focussed on Fowlmere:

14th March Fowlmere Farmers Market 9 - 11.30 Village Hall

15th March Fowlmere Airfield Museum Open 10 - 4pm

17th March Blue and green bin day

17th March Fowlmere Parish Council Meeting 7.30pm Pavillion Fowlmere Village Hall

18th March Sustainability Meeting Chequers 7.30pm - Focus Transport

19th March Blood Donations - Fowlmere Village Hall

20th March Fowlmere Primary School Quiz night - Deadline for tix 17th March

21st March Litter Pick - Part of the Great British Clean up

24th March Black bin day

31st March Blue and green bin day

1st April Cambridgshire Mobile Libarary Outside Chequers Pub 15.30 -16.10

2nd April Flowers and bees - David Coop - Fowlmere and Thriplow Gardening club 7.45pm


You can download the bin app here:


Fowlmere Fundraisers is run by a group of volunteers who live and work in Fowlmere.

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